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Welcome to our online website for reopening D-E in Fall 2020. Here you’ll find the most current information on our plans for a healthy and safe return to school. Click on “follow” within any page and you will automatically be notified of any new updates.

Questions about D-E School’s health and safety guidelines, facilities, administrative updates, schedules, etc., during the pandemic? Email webmaster@d-e.org  

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Order Lunch Here

Reminder: Please order food by the Wednesday prior to each week for the day(s) your student is on campus. Questions? Email Joan Millien at: millij@d-e.org

The D-E Community Compact

As a member of the Dwight-Englewood School Community, we each have the individual responsibility to maintain the necessary personal health and safety practices to help ensure the health and safety of the community.  The first three words of our Mission, “As a...

Health & Safety

From the D-E Nursing Team “FAQs” about COVID Vaccination

Before Leaving for Campus

Nurses Note (New)All D-E students, faculty and staff must complete the Daily At-Home Health Certification, BEFORE leaving to come to campus.  This...

Returning to School After Illness

TO SOMEONE WHO HAS TESTED POSITIVE COVID-19 You must self-isolate (stay home) for 14 days If a Dwight-Englewood School student, faculty, staff or...

Facilities & Logistics

Cleaning and Disinfecting

The School is hiring additional day-time staff to provide ongoing cleaning and disinfecting services for high-touch surfaces as well as public...

Campus / Building Access

Lower School (LS) families can view LS Building floorplans for students in Preschool(3) – Grade 5: Click here for the Drapkin Hall Floorplan (PDF)...

On-Campus Food Service

Food Services will only provide freshly-packaged grab-and-go options this fall, from various locations on campus.  Online ordering for D-E Student...

Air Circulation and HVAC

Continuing our study of our HVAC systems and the current research regarding the importance of air filtration, we have made adjustments to our HVAC...

Athletics / Locker Rooms

Previous AnnouncementsAll locker room facilities will be closed until further notice. Middle School Athletics will not have any Fall Sports Teams....

Campus Visitors

We are limiting all visitors to campus.  Each visitor must have made an appointment to enter campus.  Visitors will enter campus via...

Resources & Contacts

MS Student Support Team

Principal Jonathan Davis 8th Grade Dean Junior De La Hoz 7th Grade Dean James Aitken 6th Grade Dean Tasha Urbanowski Middle School Psychologist...

LS Student Support Team

LS Psychologist Dr. Penina Bukiet LS Math Specialist Cecily Gottling LS Learning Specialist Ashley Gray LS Principal Kim Lewis LS Assistant...

US Student Support Services

Dean of the Class of 2022 Kim Lalli Dean of the Class of 2021 Brendan McGrail Dean of the Class of 2024 Jeremey Meserole Dean of the Class of 2023...


Busing/Driving Overview

Busing to and from campus:Seating will be limited to one student per seat on all of our buses, except for siblings. Siblings will be asked to sit...

Late Buses

Please note that as of October 21, 2020, D-E School will not run a Late Bus service.    Questions about D-E Transportation Services may be directed...

Senior Parking

Eligibility: To be eligible for a parking space, you must:  be a senior have your license (or plan on having your license)have all...



Controlled Re-entry Plan

To be as successful as we can, all three Divisions (Lower/Middle/Upper Schools) will implement a “Controlled Re-entry Plan” to on-campus learning....

Online Only Program

For various reasons some families may elect for an online-only program for their child(ren). Specific plans and schedules for online-only students...

After School Programming

After School Arrangements Spring 2021 As we look forward to warmer weather, spring athletics and more students eventually being able to return to...


Sign the Community Compact


As a member of the Dwight-Englewood School Community, we each have the individual responsibility to maintain the necessary personal health and safety practices to help ensure the health and safety of the community.  The first three words of our Mission, “As a community,” asks each of us to build and maintain community.  And in these unique times, our focus on community has never been more important.

As a member of the 2020 - 2021 academic year community, (whether a student, a member of a student’s family, or a member of the faculty or staff), you agree to adhere to the expectations for the healthy habits listed below.

Each family is asked to agree with the Community Compact; this is a health and wellness commitment, that includes completion of a daily health certification using an app (to be determined) prior to coming to campus.

I agree to:

  • self-quarantine for 14 days if returning to the School, following travel to areas identified by the State of NJ.
  • adhere to strict physical distancing and the use of facial coverings for the 14 days prior to your return to campus.
  • stay at home when ill, especially if presenting with any symptoms associated with COVID-19.
  • self-quarantine for 14 days from exposure to someone who has experienced COVID-19 symptoms or tested positive for COVID-19. Exposure is defined as being in contact for 15 minutes or more, with less than 6 feet distancing.  If you maintain physical distancing, you are not considered to be exposed.
  • self-quarantine for at least 14 days before coming onto campus if returning home from a state or region listed on the CDC quarantine list.
  • discuss health and safety as it relates to off-campus spaces and personal relationships with all family members prior to your return to campus.
  • self-certify through the wellness check app (to be determined) prior to arrival on campus each school day.
  • wear face coverings as directed on campus and in public as advised by local health officials.
  • practice physical distancing, both on campus as directed and off-campus as advised by local health officials.
  • wash hands frequently for at least 20 seconds throughout each day and before and after interactions with others.
  • practice good personal hygiene, especially frequent hand-washing and sanitizing, and to adopt the CDC-recommended actions when coughing or sneezing (into a tissue that is then disposed of, followed by hand-washing or sanitizing).
  • abide by all safety protocols and practices being implemented on campus, including but not limited to, classroom seating arrangements, movement around campus, use of common spaces, and classroom cleaning.
  • be up-to-date on all vaccines.
  • receive a flu shot (highly recommended).
  • follow procedures for entering and exiting classrooms, campus buildings and school buses including:
    • entering and exiting rows of seating in classrooms, which will be clearly marked on signs in and around classrooms.
    • entering and exiting campus buildings, which will be visible on signs near the entrances and exits of campus buildings
    • entering and exiting D-E school buses
  • refrain from organizing, hosting, or attending events, parties, or other social gatherings off-campus that may cause health risks to me and other members of the community.

Signed the D-E Community Compact